alexandra montagneseMy name is Alexandra Montagnese.

I am a Toronto-based actor, puppeteer, theatre creator, and educator. 

I have acted, and preformed puppetry and mask in numerous indoor and outdoor settings including SummerWorks, Kick & Push, Rhubarb, and Fringe Festivals across Canada. I have worked with Infinitheatre, The Other Theatre, Shadowland, Young People’s Theatre, Thousand Islands Playhouse, and Theatre Direct.

I am a core company member of LUCID LUDIC, a company specializing in devising physical and visually striking theatre, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and exploring the unifying power of live performance. Our most recent project Public Mischief was written and performed by me, about a personal true story. Please visit, “My Work” for more information.

With my own company, Jot & Tittle Puppetry Collective we focus on socially and environmentally engaged puppet theatre for young audiences.

 I am also a founding member of the Arts Collective LaPlante in Montreal, a multidisciplinary performance and community space committed to social justice, inclusive, diverse, and fair access to performance platforms. With LaPlante, I curated, produced, and performed in multidisciplinary art installations and performances.

When I am not creating and performing, I am an arts educator, I have facilitated performance training at the Akiva School in Montreal, York University in both the BFA acting conservatory and in acting for non-majors, and most recently in Toronto and the GTA, Shakespeare in Action.

I have a B.A from McGill (English Drama and Theatre) and an M.F.A from York University in performance. 

Performance Reviews:

Jerry Weller, Yarker ON 2018

“Alexandra does an axceptional job of writing/portraying the complexities of young women enjoying/expressing their sexualities. Not straightforward at all, and she does it so well, particularly within the context of a challenging narrative.Best I’ve seen in years – truly something special being created.Don’t miss this!! “

 Dr. Meredith L. Chivers Kingston 2018

“Alexandra Montagnese enthrallingly plays the silent role of Mrs. Redpeter.” August 7 2014 Kafka’s Ape

“Alexandra Montagnese was stunning playing Redpeter’s ape wife ”

Lyla McQueen Shah, November 2013 Montreal Godzilla

“[…] and there’s amusing work by Alexandra Montagnese, whose antics and ape grunts as Mrs. Redpeter punctuate the intriguing work.”
Glenn Sumi NOW Magazine Aug 2014 Kafka’s Ape

“Alexandra Montagnese is an engaging performer who truly came alive at the end of this show.”
Kate Watson, Halifax’s The Coast, August 2014 Suddenly, There

“Meanwhile, his devoted ape-wife (played with unsettling charm by Alexandra Montagnese), clad in a blond wig and yellow evening gown, hangs on his every word — when she’s not hanging on the wall or scratching herself. She does not speak, at all.”
Pat Odonnelly The Montreal Gazette February 5 2013 Kafka’s Ape

“In a silent role as his chimp wife, Alexandra Montagnese is adept at climbing, flea picking and amusing the crowd. An amazing evening of theatre, not to be missed.”
Byron Toben The Rover Arts Review February 2013 Kafka’s Ape 

“Alexandra Montagnese does a wonderful job of exploring Shen-Te’s plight. […] accomplishes the rare feat of letting us see through her artifice: we know that Shui-Ta is really Shen-Te, even though the play’s characters are taken in. “
David Whiteside April 2010 the McGill Daily The Good Person of Sichuan

“Alexandra Montagnese does a beautiful job bringing the passionate but personable, gentle yet strong, Priscilla to life. She also transforms age with great skill and subtlety.”
Sara Duplancic The McGill Daily Feb 9th, 2009 A One Man Show for My Brother

 “actress Alexandra Montagnese did a great job of portraying a woman of immense mental complexity. ”
Kira Walz – McGill Daily Nov 9th 2012 The Yellow Wallpaper