Public Mischief 2018 – Pick of the Kingston Storefront Fringe

Written and Performed by Alexandra Montagnese, Directed by: Taliesin McEnaney Photo: Claire Ward-Beveridge

This true story takes place in 2007; the school’s on lockdown, someone called 911, and rumours are spreading. Public Mischief takes us inside the crumbling reality of a very ambitious 17-year-old playwright, and high school it-girl, while she navigates the rocky terrain between truth and fiction in the first real romance of her life. Witness her process of  untangling the truth with the help and hindrance of hallway rumours, giddy sisters, and one super-intuitive police officer. What will the human lie detector deduce? Who will her parents believe? But most importantly, when will she finally “do it”?

Photo: Claire Ward-Beveridge

My Silly Yum! 2016

 Created by Jot and Tittle Collective

Produced at Toronto FringeKids! and The Kick n’ Push Festival

Creators: Alexandra Montagnese and Gabriela Petrov 

      Directed by: Myrna Wyatt-Selkirk

Photo: Katey Wattam


When Maminka and Button escape the city to hunt for mushrooms, they stumble into a woodsy world full of soily surprises and friendly fungi.





Eep and Coo and the Island That Flew 2015

Created by Jot & Tittle Collective

Produced at the Toronto FringeKids! 

Creators: Alexandra Montagnese, Gabriela Petrov, Ruthie Pytka-Jones.

Photos: Mayuko Nakamaru


Geril Tallbill, narrator extraordinaire, tries to tell the story of Eep and Coo, two birds whose communities are confronted with climate change. The communities have to come together to face their common threat by changing the ending of their story, and making magic happen.






Midnight Swing 2013

 Created and performed by Alexandra Montagnese and Gabriela Petrov. 

Mask design and construction by Gabriela Petrov. Puppet construction by Alexandra Montagnese.

Directed and Produced by Kes Tagney 


The moon wants to enjoy the paper in her living room when a wormy friend comes to visit. Can they dance?